Academ-ED’s Courses & Programs

Academ-ED is a provider of career courses and training for working individuals as well as university/college/school leavers who enter fresh to the job market.

Academ-ED Courses & Training will give such persons, the necessary experience and knowledge to elevate them in their careers professionally thus beating the job competition effectively thereby getting access for promotions and better opportunities.

Academ-ED endeavors to provide the best and the finest online courses and training worldwide without barriers. The courses and training is provided to a vast number of careers, trades & professions.

Academ-ED’s courses and training have the unique feature of evolving constantly by undergoing regular revision of course material by adding latest available knowledge and removing obsolete material thus ensuring its participants to get the latest knowledge and skills.

Academ-ED’s in-house quality standards and regular selection of its trainers from industry expertise standout in delivering cutting-edge training and skills to the participants.

Academ-ED’s Courses and Programs are designed and guided by experienced professionals in the industry selected from many parts of the world thus the participants are exposed to an international faculty and the participants would find ease of working anywhere in the world.

Academ-ED Courses and Programs are provided with the motive of serving the masses with quality training at the lowest prices possible. The Course fees are maintained at a level just sufficient to meet the expenses.

Academ-ED’s courses and training are ‘student-centric’ which means that Academ-ED ensures the participants of its courses will get much value out of their experience with Academ-ED than what they pay.


·     Update your present knowledge in the subject.

·    Vast amount of real life situations taken directly from the field being presented and solved to enhance the workplace experience of students. Gained know-how from such cases will strengthen the ability to face the tasks in your career as an experienced professional.

·    Industry seniors will serve as instructors and examiners.

·    Courses can be tailor made to suit the selected career/country/region/situation.

·    Ability to start a career right away as a Professional in the chosen field of study.

·    Ability to select most relevant areas of the subject on priority basis as applicable to the current employment.

·    Greatly discounted fees.

·    Free entry and 1 year membership in the relevant professional Academ-ED Association.

·    Ability to become an Academ-ED employee either full time or part time.

·    Study and get trained at your own pace.

·    Get qualified to more advanced Courses in the field.

·    Only relevant and latest subject matter presented in courses as required in the industry. No unnecessary and obsolete material to learn.

·    Courses will prepare the learners to stand at the similar level of experienced persons in the selected industry.

·    Get substantial financial earnings outside your employment all throughout life.

Career requirements and challenges are changing rapidly today than ever before. It is with that concept in mind, Academ-ED has developed ACCEP program, “After-Course-Career-Enhancement-Process”, to enhance and maintain the learnings of students up to date after completion of the Courses at Academ-ED. ACCEP allows a student to keep in contact with Academ-ED for an year after completion of a course free of charges. During this time a student is free to make queries or request solutions to problems or issues at work place and the appointed Councilor of Academ-ED will provide expert solutions for such queries. It is also an obligation of the Councilor to provide the student with latest know-how in the subject during this period.

Students are also requested to continue their memberships in the respective Academ-ED Associations after completion of the courses as these Associations are a great platform for them to learn latest news, keep abreast of the careers and maintain knowledge in a particular subject area. The students are granted free membership upon enrollment to a course until the completion.


Academ-ED is continuously developing programs and courses in all areas of human knowledge and activities in science. Visitors are requested to inquire about courses / programs of their interest by filling up the Contact Form available in the ‘Contact Us’ page.


Course development strategy of Academ-ED is based on the principle, “Gaining scientific knowledge for the benefit of the human race and the nature” and accordingly the courses are based on science and current human knowledge in sciences. This effectively ignores manmade non-science and mythology. Academ-ED’s programs are hence homogeneous and completely synchronized with science and nature.


Academ-ED is introducing new Courses and Programs and edit existing ones regularly to suit the industry requirements. This process of constant eliminating of sections which are outdated and no longer required by the industry segments is a unique feature of Academ-ED Courses. Thus the students are assured that the material they get is modern, latest and in-line with industry requirements.

Accordingly the all the Courses under Courses / Programs in Construction were completely overhauled and new material were added recently.




Academ-ED is commencing a nature project to save the remaining tigers in world’s forests. For this task, it has appointed a team of naturalists, animal experts, conservationists and other interested individuals to make the initial blue print for implementing a sustainable growth plan. More details will be published later as it progresses through.


There will be other nature projects initiated and implemented by Academ-ED in near future. This is in keeping with Academ-ED’s policy of ‘SAVE THE NATURE’ as one of its priorities. Read this space for further news in this regard.



Academ-ED is currently planning research projects into the unknowns of this relatively new frontier in human knowledge. For this purpose, it is gathering works of knowledge from all round the world and it includes; Published papers, Journal entries, Research papers, Books and other Publications containing articles in the field.


The world is at a very slow pace in harnessing this vast and (almost) never ending energy source. Great amount of research is needed to develop efficient, economical and sustainable technologies and Academ-ED is currently contemplating in setting up a program as an initial step towards achieving greater knowledge and knowhow to develop technology by searching and acquiring available knowledge in the field.